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    Sheep Wire

    Sheep wire also called agricultural wire netting (cattle wire fence,pig fence,sheep fence,forest fence,deer fence etc) all these classfied into hinge joint fence wire.
    Evergreen Hardware Industry & Commerce Co.,ltd supply high tensile sheep wire to world widely customer such as australia ,europe,africa etc .

    1.Cattle Fence 1.15m (Galfan coated) C8/11/30 Code 320200
    Available in medium weight
    Eight line wires and uprights 300mm apart
    Gauge Top and Bottom 3.0mm, Intermediates 2.5mm
    2. Pig Fence 800mm (Galfan coated) C8/80/15 & HT8/80/15
    Eight line wires and uprights 150mm apart (also lamb proof)
    Medium C8/80/15 Code 320400
    Gauge Top and Bottom 3.00mm, Intermediates 2.5mm
    High Tensile HT8/80/15 Code 320440
    Gauge all wires 2.5mm (100m) Roll
    Sheep Fence 900mm (Galfan coated) B6/90/30 & C6/90/30

    Six line wires and uprights 300mm apart

    Heavy B6/90/30 Code 320700
    Gauge Top and Bottom 4.0mm, Intermediates 3.0mm
    Medium C6/90/30 Code 320800
    Gauge Top and Bottom 3.0mm, Intermediates 2.5mm

    Forest Fence 1.0m (Galfan coated) C7/10/15
    Seven line wires, uprights 150mm apart
    Gauge Top and Bottom 3.0mm, Intermediates 2.5mm

    Deer Fence 1.9m Galvanized HT13/190/15 Code 325600
    High Tensile 100m rolls
    Vertical wires 150mm apart for perimeter fencing.
    Gauge all wires 2.5mm

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    Different sizes available on request ,Just please send us a email we are pleasure to give you our professional Advice upon you request exactly ones design Email:sales@evergreen-hardware.net

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