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    Conveyor Belt Pulley Drum

    Belt Conveyor Drum
    head pulleys
    bend drums
    drum drums
    Material:Steel or rubber.etc

    Belt Conveyor Drum
    We can manufacture the TD75-type belt conveyor, DT II belt conveyor and conveyor parts, which are used in the steel industry, harbor, coal industry, power industry, cement industry, etc. We have Passed ISO9001:2000 certificate. Besides we can manufacture the roller  according to the buyers' requirements. Belt conveyor drum is used for changing the direction of the belt running or increases the wrap angle.
    product features:
    ·Rotary damping coefficient small .
    ·The radial direction beats low .
    ·Revolves smooth.
    ·Waterproof dustproof.
    ·Leak-proof high.
    ·Exempts maintains.
    ·Life cycle long.
    ·High accuracy supporting roller special-purpose steel pipe.
    ·Steel plate ram as in ramjet bearing seat .
    ·Big windage supporting roller special-purpose bearing .
    ·Multiple labyrinth type polycarbonate seal .
    Bend Pulley Tailed Pulley
    Take Up Pulley rubber pulley

    Belt conveyor pulley Feature:
    1.Driving pulley is the main part for transmitting the power.It can be divided into light duty, medium duty and heavy duty.

     2.Driving pulley is the main part for transmitting the power. As per the different carrying capacities, The driving pulley can be divided into three categories: light duty, medium duty and heavy duty. And for the same diameter of the pulley, there are many different axle diameters and central spans.
    1)Light duty:
    Bearing Aperture: 80~100mm.
    The axle and the hub are connected by the single key. And it’s single plate welding. The axle is                                     unidirectional out.
    2)Medium duty:
    Bearing Aperture: 120~180mm.
    The axle and the hub are connected by the ring lock.
    3)Heavy duty:
    Bearing Aperture:: 200~220mm.

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