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    Temporary fence-North American ( Canada and Unite state Style)

    Temporary fence also called removable fence,temporary site fencing,temporary construction fence,construction security fence etc.
    Surface Treatment :GALVANIZED with powder coating or painting
    Applications: Secure construction sites, private property, major public events, sports, concerts, festivals & gatherings etc.
    Main Market :North American

    Temporary Fence -Panel
    Evergreen Hardware Industry and Commerce Co.LTD supply below specification temporary fence panel to customer .

    Panel height

    Panel length

    Mesh opening


    Outer Frame

    Middle Frame






    50mm x 100mm
    75mm x 75mm
    60mm x150mm
    50mm x 200mm




    20mm x 20mm
    25mm x 25mm
    30mm x 30mm


    20mm x 20mm
    25mm x 25mm


    1. Full range of  hilited colour available to warn the person away from the semi construction
    2. Match up our fence accessories you can install fence panel in any circumstance without the need to   disturb the surface area by digging holes or laying foundations.
    3. Durable and Pretty appearance Cost Effective

    Temporary Fence -feet
    Size :863mm x 80mm x 6mm or 7mm thick
    Finish :Galvanized with Powder coating or Painting

    Temporary Fence -Accessories

    Upright Extension EG01
    Application:Used for sudden elevation changes or over curbs to maintain the integrity of the fence line
    Finish:Green Powder Coated

    Anchor Base Plate EG-02
    Base:Flat plate complete with one round tube and one square tube upright
    Application:Used to anchor to hard surface where the uses of other base types are restricted.
    Also used for possible gate opening. Can be used as a gate base.
    Finish:Powder coated green and orange


    Full Opening Gate Top Connector EG03

    Application:Used for areas where gate must open fully into or out of secures area and must be used with full opening gate base

    Finish:Powder coated green


    Inline Gate Top Connector EG04
    Application:Standard Gate Cap allowing gate to swing into or away from secured area
    Finish:Powder coated green


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    Different sizes available on request ,Just please send us a email we are pleasure to give you our professional Advice upon you request exactly ones design Email:sales@evergreen-hardware.net

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